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The team that brought you the most successful TV pilot in this country’s history #BecauseLove with more than 1.1 Million views online across Africa: Tony Tini Tone Productions (TTT) present The Money That Made Him Poor, a new theatre production directed and written by award-winning acclaimed writer and producer: Tina Nduba.

The play that tackles themes of Greed, Power and Family is set to premiere this September with 12 shows lined up at The Louis Leakey Auditorium from September 27–30 at 3 PM, 6 PM.

TTT has assembled a star-studded cast including respected actors like Benson Ochungho who has more than 18 years’ experience in acting and has been featured on top Kenyan shows; and Lucy Mwachala the experienced veteran who has been featured in several notable platforms including Phoenix Players. Fairly newcomers on the acting front and high profile media influencers: Noah Chiruyi, Sean Andrews and Anne Mwaura host of The Fuse on Capital FM.

Multi-talented artiste Pascal Tokodi, the star of Selina will be hosting all the shows with acoustic performances by top songstress of the “Nairobi” hit fame: Mayonde.

Ahead of the premiere of The Money That Made Him Poor, Mwangi Njanja, Head of Creative at TTT says, “We are a bunch of Kenyans who are passionate about telling African stories through the creation of some of the best shows in the country. This is a bona fide hit show of 2018 as we have assembled the tip-top talent in the country drawn from the fields of acting, writing, PR, photography, audiovisual and media personalities,” adding, “You definitely don’t want to miss this one! FOMO will be real so we hope to see you all there.”

Even though The Money That Made Him Poor is a theatre production, its promotions are going all out the movie kind. Already its trailer has been shot and directed by the award-winning Kenyan filmmaker Mbithi Masya of the acclaimed Kenyan film: “Kati Kati”, with the promo images of the cast members shot and directed by celebrity photographer Tintseh.


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