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Tuborg, the Danish lager brand, has brought back its successful music campaign Tuborg OPEN which sees Kenyan rapper and lyricist Nyashinski collaborating with American super producer DJ Diplo and Danish singer .

Dubbed ‘Stay Open’, it was mixed and mastered by the talented Kenyan producer Musyoka and fuses Nyashinski’s free flowing style with the rhythm of electronic music, the personal style of American super producer and DJ Diplo and an influence of Kenya’s signature sound.

The original track, which is already being touted to be a club banger as more Kenyans listen and interact with it, was rendered by the Danish rising star in her enchanting voice.

Now in its second year, Tuborg OPEN has offered Kenyans a rare opportunity by bringing together a group of incredible musicians to create something truly special; a song with one global message but the story told in a different way by each collaborating artist, using their own unique lyrics and reflecting the diversity and unique local culture.

Commenting on the track, Rapper Nyashinski said, “I took the Stay Open theme and flipped it by rhyming about a beautiful woman who I am asking to stay open to my suggestions. Working with DJ Diplo and MØ was also great. It is an opportunity I appreciate getting”.

Musyoka marvels at how Kenyans are now more liberal. “This track is all about being open to ideas, cultures and perspectives from all over the world. It shows what Kenya has to offer culturally and musically.  I am happy that Tuborg is pushing this philosophy,” he said.

Speaking on the collaboration, Diplo said, “To be part of Tuborg Open for the second year is really cool. Nyashinski and Musyoka brought in their own interesting ideas and perspectives of staying open that made the track amazing and the collabo enjoyable”.

Danish vocalist and songwriter is excited about the collaboration process: “I love what I have learnt and experienced from working with Nyashinski and I am happy that what we started has now become something totally amazing.”


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