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We all know haters gonna hate no matter what you say or do. Well comedian Jalang’o took to Instagram and opened up about his enemies being closer than his friends.

Each and every day I keep getting in a very dangerous level of freedom level where I don’t care what people think about me! A level where people’s opinion about me don’t matter, a level where the only thing that matter is me and those who genuinely care about me…Family and true friends! I repeat…True Friends because they are very few and sometimes not there at all!

A lot has been said about me, written about me, lies, truth but what makes me happy is that they are writing, I would be more worried if they were not saying anything about me! Several years in the showbiz I have come to realise that if I wasn’t Jalang’o then even the so many likes and comments..the phone calls would not be there!

So I take each day as it comes knowing very well that I am in a jungle where my enemies are even closer than my friends…as you grow you get to learn a lot that so many who smile with you are even worse than those who are not! There are times I really used to care and get bothered with what people said about me, I would go in there inbox and beg them to delete their posts about me, I would cry and wonder what next and keep following on comments and see what people are saying!

Hehehehe… I don’t care anymore! I just laugh and move on! Some people who pretend to care take screen shots and send me asking me if I have seen what people are saying only to realise that they don’t care they are the enemies!  People’s opinions cannot pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, cannot even pay for anything in your life! Do not kill yourself because not everybody likes you! If you want people to love you sell ice cream! Not everyone will love or like you! And everyone who talks about you is already below you!

When you fail trying to make them happy it is you who will be crying as they laugh! You only have yourself so keep making yourself a better person without asking for their validation!
good day! #JalasSpeaks
.” Posted Jalang’o.


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