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Radio and TV personality Cate Rira has confessed that she has struggled to find true love.

The 1FM presenter said that most guys approach her just because they want to experience a media personality, “In an industry that idolizes the female nature exploit is high. Not that I have allowed it to happen or bring me down but the acceptance that Love is vocabulary is clearly a hard pill to swallow. From being a fantasy to a step up the list is endless on what the ugly side of dating I have experienced.

Clearly the internet likes are something to go buy the number of DMs and requests made are to laugh at but still a reality I’ll have to live with. From being some people’s fantasy I’ve seen guys approach me just because they’d want to experience a media personality.

Just the mere fact that my voice had them gagging they just want an experience…..LOL Like how some what people want to experience black culture,” she said.

Her worst date was when a guy asked her to do her radio voice while on a date, “As if it’s not enough others want to parade you around just to massage their weak egos. The lies have been spread and smeared all over social media of who I’m dating or who I’ve ever dated and of course there have been even politicians who want a story line and it’s sad.

The funniest was a guy asked me to do my radio voice while on a date….the number was deleted as soon as the date was over,” concluded Cate.


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