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Music and TV producer Patrick Mbaru popularly known has Saint P has lost his father to cancer.

Saint P made a medical appeal through his Instagram page on that same day he passed away, “My dad has been battling cancer for a while now and we relocated him to wellness centre in Kisumu where he is special care since he is at stage four. The treatment cost have become quite costly and since he is showing great improvement we would like him to get better care because it’s all we can give for now us we pray for God to see him through. Your financial, prayers and encouragement support will be appreciated.”

Adding, “I have faced giants in my life. Seen walls, fought, conquered, lost. For years, I have pushed to stay away from this reality. Has it been easy. No. I have never been in this position, but the lines have fallen here. I will be grateful for your partnership.”

Speaking on his loss he said, “I lost my dad on Tuesday evening in Kisumu and burial preparations are underway. He gave birth to amazing kids who will have a positive impact to the society. I thank God for giving us time to get close to him before died and he was such a wonderful dad,”

His dad has been battling cancer for the past two years.

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