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Kenyan singer-songwriter Job Seda popularly known as Ayub Ogada has died.

His wife Yvonne Seda confirmed that he had been unwell.

Ogada is regarded as one of the greatest Kenyan artists of all time, he was also an actor landing major roles in films including the Academy Award Winning Out of Africa and Kitchen Toto.

Over the years, his song Kothbiro received widespread recognition through its popularity on film and TV soundtracks. It featured in The Constant Gardener, NBC’s The Philanthropist, the Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony, and a Guinness advertising campaign throughout Africa.

Last year when Kanye West released his album Ye on the credits he revealed that its second track, “Yikes,” contains the use of lyrics and composition from Kenyan artists Ayub Ogada and James Mbarack Achieng.

Ogada and Achieng were part of the 1970s Nairobi group Black Savage. Their vocal parts and melodies from the 1976 track “Kothbiro“are sampled in Kanye West’s “Yikes.”

Ayub Ogada (2)

Kenyans took to social media to send their condolence messages to his family, friends,

Rest in Paradise Kenya s Greatest Musician Takes Bow …..Ayub Ogada home too soon #RipAyubOgada #Ayubogada,” said Jabali Africa.

Ayub Ogada,respect Wuod Luo! You are the reason I picked up Nyatiti. Thank you for sharing this fantastic 8 strings instrument with the world. I celebrate you! Rest in Power😔,” added Suzzana Owiyo.

What a great artist and Nyatiti Player that Kenya has lost!! News that Ayub Ogada has passed away is heartbreaking! May the “Koth Biro” famed legend rest in eternal peace! #RIPAyubOgada #AyubOgada,” said Anyiko.

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