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Last week, gospel singer Ole Willy denied knowing his baby mama Linet, who had accused him of child neglect.

Linet has taken legal action against the father of two, she reported the case at Villa Franca Police Post in Imara Daima OB36/26/1/2019, and she says she met the gospel artiste at a club in 2016.

I don’t know those stories or the lady. The story said we met in a night club the people close to me know my character and will see the story in untrue. Such things can make some one question their spirituality, all this is just allegations and insinuations.” But she confirmed they met at a club but he was not drinking, “I met Willy in 2016 through a mutual friend we hanged out at a night club but he wasn’t drinking.

He dint disclose he was married, he just spoke of his two sisters and a brother as I told him about my family. I could literally tell he was single.

After two months of dating I found out I was pregnant I sent him the results immediately we spoke about it. He never suggested an abortion but he seemed stressed but all in all he didn’t deny.  Throughout the pregnancy he was good until when I gave birth, he named our child Craig Yury and that’s when responsibility cropped in and he said the only upkeep money he can afford is Sh5,000 which is very less even my house gal doesn’t get that. All I needed was him to be there for the kid and the Sh5000 I would add some money to pay the house help but we would fight for him to just to send me that small amount.

He is never there for his son I told him I will expose him and he said that is a waste of time in fact his fans will shut me up and he will make money. He also suggested I should give him the kid to take to his dad or aunty I dint accept because I don’t know them. I’m struggling to take care of my son because I am mother and I would do anything for my son to get a better life and be proud of me. All I want is for him to be there and provide for him and be consistent at it, that’s why I’m taking legal action,” said Linet.

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