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Over the weekend TV and radio personality Anita Nderu threw a pajama themed party to celebrate her 29th birthday.

In attendance were celebs, close family and friends, “My heart is full of joy and gratitude right now. My friends and family drove halfway across town, some even got lost but drove around till they found the location just to spend my special day with me. Thank you so much! I love you all and appreciate you more than words can explain.

Anita Nderu's Birthday 3

Yesterday I laughed, cried happy tears, got tones of hugs and kisses, watched my different circles of loved ones get to know each other, ate way too much cake, took tones of pictures that I shall upload all week and was lights out by midnight 😂 Thank you so so much for all the presents, I just finished opening them, there was no card on some of them please text me and let me know it was from you?”

Anita Nderu's Birthday 2

Adding, “A very happy birthday to probably the coolest brother to grace the world back in the 80’s but remains forever young! You take care of your siblings with so much patience and love. I love how we have all at one point or another lived in your house, thrown parties and wrecked your house, broken your things, “borrowed” your things, cleared out your fridge then gone back to our other homes😂 Goodness if there is someone we have used the line “send me cash, I’ll return” and never have it has got to be you.

Anita Nderu's Birthday 1

Through all this you have treated them as what they are, just things. Your love for us and our well being has always mattered more to you and we love and appreciate you greatly for that.
Your love for life and funtimes while still growing in your creative skill set is admirable
💕 People ask me if you have shares on Kiambu road?😂 If you do, just send me cash, I’ll return😁

Anita Nderu's Birthday
May this be your best year yet! Do what you love! Find someone to love
😄😋, be loved, blessed and happy above and beyond! We will always be here rooting for you, like you have for us! Happy birthday @sparkynderu ! God bless you with many many more💕🙏🏽” she said.

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