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Gospel minister Lady Bee has been on the path of testifying about her worldly ways, on Tuesday this week she reveiled to smoking weed, “I remember I couldn’t stay without smoking weed (kindukulu.Syoks) 8 years ago. My friends then can testify to this. But today I have a testimony that you can enjoy life sober and by the grace of God overcome all temptations for King Jesus overcame the world.

I never thought that one day I’ll be free from what I thought I couldn’t live without but little did I know that the only thing I can’t live without is my Jesus,” she stated.

You know when you tell your child not to do something they might not know why you say it is wrong and they go on and do it. But when your child has seen it firsthand they know it is bad, my daughter saw the kind of life I used to live and she knows the struggles but I thank God for my mother who was there to help me.

I used to God to club and not wake up and not cook but God gave me a chance and I will continues to tell my stories, I get a lot of inbox guys reaching for help while others thanking me for the message,” she said.

The former backup vocalist for Dubai-based Congolese artiste also stated, “People have become too familiar with this gospel and because of what people are doing or have done, some even mock the gospel.  My friends never mock what one day whether alive or dead you shall bow before.

Never let what people do make you misunderstand the gospel or disqualify the power of the Gospel. Jesus died and rose again that was not in vain and no one should make you say oooh if this is the gospel I rather stay in darkness.”

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