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Mombasa based musician Chikuku Abdhalla populary known as Chikuzee has refuted claims that he has bleached his skin to attain his lighter complexion.

This came after a cross section of his fans accused him of changing his complection.

In an interview Chikuzee says he became lighter due to the home-based facials that his bae offers, “Kukosa matunzo unakuwaga tofauti na ngozi za watu wengine, unaweza kuwa mungu amekujalia na ngozi ya chura, unaweza jaliwa na ngozi black na unakaa ivyo.

Lakini sikuizi kuna matunzo mbalimbali ilikuwa siyapati lakini mama yuko nyumbani so mascrub hivi na hivi. Maybe anaweza rudi kwa kazi zake alafu ukaniona ngozi imebadilika,” said Chikuzee.

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