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Celebrated Tanzanian singer Nandy, dropped out of college to pursue her career in music.

Speaking at an interview the musician said, “I was to do my last diploma exams but I did not because at the same time I was competing for Tecno Own The Stage competition, I followed my heart and dropped out of college and went for the competition.

Knowing if it won’t work I will go back and finish my education. My parents did not know I had an exam until when I left for the competition but I was already in Nigeria. The platform was a big step for me I won Sh2.5million and I was able to start my career.”

She open up about her three year relationship with the CEO House of Talent and music promoter, Ruge Mutahaba who died in February, “The reason why I denied dating him on several interviews was because we didn’t want our relationship on social media, if people knew it would have been worse. We wanted to create our own path to meet our goals.

I met his parents and he met mine and we were to get married in March, I have met his kids and we even planned having ours and we wished they were twins.” She said.



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