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H_art the Band hosted an exclusive listening party for their Album, Made In the Street inspired by the memory of how they met, late 2012 when the three were trying to forge a path in the arts industry.

The 13 tracks album is rich in creativity and entertainment with some diverse collaborations, “We have created a unique language best understood not by the mind but by the heart. Acoustics, smooth vocals, with a touch of spoken word, freestyle rap, a little bit of drama, dance and fashion all blended into one thick pastry of art,” said Mordecai, the crooner of the group.

Since we believe some things need to be said rather than sang. The streets have been the best teacher we have Kenchez who is a self-taught guitarist,” said the poet Wachira better known as Skoko.

Following the official album release the band plans to tour Kenya and will start with them paying homage to the streets they grew up in Kayole, with a free concert. “We have experienced tremendous love and support from so many people during this journey. We have partners coming on board and we are looking forward to publicly extending our gratitude to them,” stated Kenchez.


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