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Socialite Mishi Dora took to social media and narrated how she was almost killed in 2014, in a long post Mishi said, “My name is Mishi Dorah as you all know me and I’m one hell of a strong woman I’m not voiceless and I’m a fighter. This has been my journey since 2014, I’ve tried getting this off my head for the longest time but I keep having flashbacks and nightmares of what was done to me on that day.

This man was out here to kill me; he shot at me, ran me over by a car and drove off leaving me for dead, with multiple pelvic bone fractures. Torn ligament and a broken left hip bone, he tried killing me again at the hospital and I ended up in an ICU. I have been to court since December 2014 but until now no justice has been served.

In 2015 he approached me with a bribe of Sh500,000 so we can settle the matter out of court which I turned down and even had to relocate coz my life and my baby’s was at risk those that know me know the scars I have all over my body I’ve embraced them.

I even had to tattoo my legs (which most of the people think it’s for beauty) just to cover the scars there coz I got bullied most of the times that I posted pictures and the scars showed. I haven’t seen this guy for the longest time till last night.

He came where I was and said hello to people and was even having a good laugh, he looked at me as if we’ve never met before. I was so scared I was sweating and shaking all over my body. My heart was racing it hurts me seeing people that I know twisting the story and mingling with the guy.

Even went ahead and made me the topic of discussion as they sip their whiskey and expect me to be cool about it. Noo… I’m not a coward and I’m gonna speak about it I have a voice. My question is, if I’m a public figure and I can’t get justice how many people are out there dying in silence.

No one to speak for them no one to fight for them, no one to help them get justice or is it because he is part of the government so us we just others… like the saying goes “Hii kenya inawenyewe. I’ll not keep quiet till justice is served. #AllINeedIsjustice #cantSufferInSilenceAnymore



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