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Radio personality is under fire for posting Sailor’s music on her personal channel on YouTube Channel.

But the radio presenter who is also the manager of the group revealed that she is operating on mutual agreement with the group.

In a statement she said, “Sailors YouTube Channel is going public in a few days so y’all can relax, I will explain my approach one day. Itis bigger than me for now, shukran for the love and support for my boyz.

If it was their wish they would have wished to stay on my channel but I understand people’s concern.”

Sailor’s fans were worried that presenter was taking advantage of the young stars, “Mwalimu Rachael why are they putting their content in your page. This is modern day slavery in away. Do you own their masters or are they in a 360 contract with ju?” said Bryan Zulu.

Big up guys and keep it up na msidanganywe hapa eti mkuwe na Channel yenyu…huo umoja mko nao and the umbrella channel of Mwalimu Rachel to utafanya mu-make it in life bt the moment mtajitenga na mwalimu trust me ata nyinyi hamtakua pamoja…Kamati ua roho chafu tokeni hapa,tulijua hawa vijanaa juu ya mwalimu Rachael so wenye mtawa-advice wafungue channel tungeni nyimbo zenyu mfungue yenyu,” says Damamwa.

While Denno added, “Sailors music has pushed Mwalimu Rachael subscribers enough now..juzi tu alikua 9000 now 35000..we now want a Sailors channel. Please.”

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