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The Kenya Breweries Limited, subsidiary of the East African Breweries Limited has launched a new brand of cider dubbed Sikera Apple Cider.

Speaking at the launch event in Nairobi, KBL Managing Director Mrs. Jane Karuku said KBL’s twin desire of recruiting new consumers and responding to changing consumer tastes led to the development of the new innovation.

The launch of Sikera Premium Apple Cider, follows the hugely successful introduction of the Kenya’s first locally-produced cider, Tusker Premium Cider three years ago. 

Sikera’s launch is the result a recently-conducted consumer study on the trends driving the alcohol beverage market in our industry.

These consumer insights then informed our innovation efforts extending our cider category,to provide a broader variety to our consumers,” said Mrs. Karuku.

She added “This new brand is geared to supporting our business agenda to accelerate growth in our innovation, which has enabled KBL to both recruit new consumers as well as provide a wider variety from around which consumers can build their drinking repertoire.”

Innovations Director Graham Villiers-Tuthill, reinforced that Sikera Premium Apple Cider entry into the company’s agenda is to connect with an ever-evolving consumer base through flavoured offerings.

The Sikera Cider’s innovation is informed by changing, positive trends driving growth in the Kenya. These changes are resulting from a host of factors, ranging from shifting demographics and consumer preferences to affordability.

In addition, we are aware that and growing number of consumers are exposed to new media and, therefore, we are increasingly innovating around the manner and occasions during which consumers interact with these drinks, helping maintain their identity, recognition and greater connection,” said Villiers-Tuthill.

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