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TV Producer cum vlogger Milly Chebby who is currently one of the guest hosts at Switch TV’s Chatspot has opened up about her husband’s gambling ways.

Speaking on the show when asked if there is a brand the couple will not work with Chebby said, “Terrence was so categorical he can never work with a betting company, because of what betting has done to us.

Terrence was a crazy gambler and we lost so much and after God has blessed him as a brand, he cannot support what can take him down.”

Talking about how she balances being a mother, influencer and work she said, “I just try to strike, I to a point I was not at peace and my work sometimes I’m not in Nairobi over the weekend and I had to leave my baby so early.

I had to take two house girls and my cousin just to feel safe and when leaving I would call my siblings to check on my baby but now, she is older and I’m almost gaining courage.”

According to our source Milly Chebby is likely to get a seat on Chatspot alongside Kush Tracy and Mwikali.

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