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Media personality Lilian Muli sent social media on a frenzy after she shared a photo with her new bae. Though she did not reveal the face of her new mysterious man, Muli is captured smooching a man whose face she hid with love emoji.

For always,” she captioned. Her dilled the comment section with congratulatory messages: Mwanaume gani huyo anakula lipstick?asked Irene Kipchilat. I hope this one lasts,” said Carol Saddam. Lilian responded, “I hope so too!”

According to a Buzz Central source Muli and the mysterious man were spotted enjoying their weekend getaway on board the Tamarind Dhow in Mombasa, where they indulged in their famous dawa cocktails.

December 2018, she called her baby daddy Jared Nevaton a ‘community husband’ over his alleged infidelity. “I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures, we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone.

Sociopaths will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside.”

In February 2019, she regretted calling Jared  a community husband, “My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not so proud of it because I had Kenyans speaking about it.

I can’t say it did not happen but I have made peace that it happened. If I could take it back I would, but I cannot act like it didn’t happen ’cause, of course, something that I am not proud of happened that made me react that way,” she said.

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