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Really star Bridget Achieng went all out during her son’s first birthday.

The blue and gold themed birthday went down last weekend at Under The Radar in Kilimani.

Talking about the private affair Achieng said, “This being my boys first birthday, I wanted it to be a memorable one and I was ready to break the bank.

The budget itself was Sh1.2 million. Baby Sekani is a miracle baby since I had wanted a child for close to five years. This was my way of giving thanks as well, the theme was a princely theme and so I chose the colour white  gold and blue.”

The invite only event was attended by 60 people, “The event itself was an invite only, my family and close friends who have been with me through my entire journey and continue to be with me through out my mother hood journey.

I live for making wonderful memories that when my child grows up he can look back and know that he is loved.

This is something that I would encourage all mothers to do and make wonderful memories with their children despite the budget. You don’t have to have millions but even in your own small and special way you can achieve this,” she said.

The mother of one is also set feature in a new Netflix series, “Look I will be shooting an exciting series on Netflix though my NDA does not allow me to disclose any details.

I will also launch my book sometime this year,” she said.

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