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What better way to say I love you, Dad than to announce it to the world. And in the social media era. our Kenyan celebrities have shared their love for their fathers, baby daddies, husbands and friends with heartwarming messages and wishes. Check out the best Father’s Day messages from the stars below.

20160619_195036kate_actressHappy fathers day my love , you are 10 time the daddy he always wished for … we love you so much ❤@phil_director

20160619_195103namelesskenyaI am blessed to have a dad like you as you continue to guide me through this thing called life. I respect and admire your strength, wisdom, love, courage, integrity and understanding… you have been and still are a great father to us and a loving husband to mum. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!

20160619_195012wahukagwiNani Kama wewe babe. I LOVE the way you love our girls. You are such a wonderful provider, protector, cheerleader, advisor and mentor to them. We are so blessed to have you!! Happy Father’s Day babe. I love you forever. #myrideordie #no1fan #loveofmylife ❤️❤️❤️❤️

20160619_194947lizzkonstantarasHappy father’s day Moraki! And to all the awesome fathers out there. Present and Future.

20160619_194923talliaoyandoHappy fathers day to @lyriconyi‘s Best friend and twin @directorezy. Thank you for being an amazing father and role model to our son. An amazing father to your siblings. Thank you for Lyric and for giving me the greatest gift, making me a mom. We pray for you and thank God for you everyday. God bless you and have an amazing day. Baraka tele. ❤ #Twins #happyfathersday

20160619_194856size8rebornMy love my husband @djmokenya he is the best dad my princess @ladashabelle would have ever asked for. His love is genuine and unconditional to his daughter. God bless you swity for being there for your daughter. We love you.

20160619_194830juliegichuruThank you for being an incredible father and a loving husband.
Because you love and honour God and made Him the head of our home, His Grace has always been sufficient and more than we could ever ask or imagine! I honour you for your strength, resilience, hard work, faith, love and care. You are my greatest blessing! 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
My love,
Happy Father’s Day! “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15

20160619_194808zawadi_nyongo#HappyFathersDay to you daddy. I love you! I don’t tell him I love him often enough. I don’t say those words enough to all the people in my life that I care about. And I don’t take enough pictures of my dad & I together either. I had to crop these pics from our trip to Cyprus last year 😂. Shame shame. By this time next year, I better have a collection of pictures to pick from. Finally, Happy #FathersDay to all the single mothers out there, who are holding it down as mom & dad. Bless!

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