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Hip hop artist King Kaka took to Instagram to wish his manager Dennis Njenga  a Happy Birthday, the Besha Shighana rapper poured his heart out. He wrote,

I met him in form 1. And we became friends and now we are brothers. There was a time tumekosa hadi tukalala njaa we have shared Sh50 sababu that is what was available, tumeshare the Glory and The Bad. He has been a mentor and since we grew up knowing failure was not us, we shared ideas. Funny thing is we used to rap. So in Form 3 tukachanga twende studio and too bad the studio ilikuwa inacost Kshs 3000 we could not raise it. But the dream didn’t end there. Now in 2016 he is my manager and my business partner and mostly My Brother. Leo Mwaura nataka upeleke roll tatu za mutura na Supuu kibuyu kwa huyu msee. Help me wish him a great birthday.”

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