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A taste of Asia in the city – Curry Flavors, located at The Concord Hotel & Suites, dishes up impressive Asian cuisine.


The menu is vast, with food being predominantly authentic Indian cuisine with an eclectic mix of rich Indian dishes all from North and Southern India expertly prepared, plated and presented with the contemporary modern flavours.

Apart from the a la carte, they have a huge spread for buffet (dinner only), that is economically positioned to attract more patrons.

For a starter, I went with the Dahi Aur Sing Daaney Ke Kebab (the main ingredients include peanut and yogurt), Bhatti Ka Tikka (chicken and black pepper) and Galafi Gosht Seekh Kebab (capsicum and lamb).




PS, I’d definitely dig into their Dahi Aur Sing Daaney Ke Kebab. It’s soft yet crispy, with an unforgettable sour aftertaste that was simply divine.

The main was served in different portions: Dal Concord (black lentils), Anjiri Kofte (dry fruit and potatoes stuffed), Murgh Makhanwala (chicken, onions and cashewnuts gravy), Rogani Gosht Baluch (mutton), Jeera Rice, Dilkhush Paan Ki Biryani (biryani) and Naan/Butter naan/Roti/ Kulcha. The arrangement, a mini buffet and it was an absolute delight.

Dessert was Gulab Jamun (hot Indian sweet mold dipped in vanilla ice cream), and it left quite an impression.


But it’s not just the food that draws you in.


The framework of the restaurant is tastefully decorated. It boasts of a breathtaking view, not to mention it’s full of vibrant colours and layers of textures, providing an alluring atmosphere. The colours are especially well done with rich tones of earth, greens and blues. And unlike many Indian restaurants, the décor is full of red hues. The table setting, gold, creating a rich and luxurious feel.




Five friggin’ stars. The wait staff did an impeccable job explaining the menu. The break between courses was perfect.

Affordable Sh1500 and above.


The restaurant opens daily from 6pm to midnight


Over 160 people

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