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Controversial gospel artiste Ringtone thinks that gospel artistes Willy Paul and Pitson are to blame for his short comings. The Mungu Ataingilia song maker says the two conspired and ruined his career, revealing that it took the help of a hired private investigator to know ‘the bitter truth’ and he has prove to show.

So @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. Shame on @willypaulmsafi and shame on @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. imagine they did all those evil things to me because tenda wema was hitting. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I promise you @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. I’m now free and the devil is a liar. 1) Rent issues 2) Pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous,” said Ringtone.

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