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East Africa’s Lover boy Kagwe Mungai has official dropped his new video African Lady. Kagwe Mungai has risen through the ranks in the Kenyan music industry. His hit single Doctor was widely appreciated both regionally and internationally, and as a result, he did a USA nationwide tour.

African Lady is set to be the most romantic video of the year. This modern day fairy tale tells the story of Kagwe and Malaika who are deeply in love. The epic romance stretches through the trials and tribulations of college life and young adulthood. It is not until the end that we get to see just what it is that Kagwe has been up to this whole time, and it might just be the most romantic thing.

African Lady was shot at Olepolos Country Club, a popular outdoor venue in Kiserian. The video was shot by Stanz Visuals, a top Nigerian producer.

Watch the video!

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