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Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith couldn’t be more thrilled, after all, it is not everyday you get to watch  the person who conned you get hit smack in the face by karma.Last year, the video vixen was contracted to host at Miss Bum Bum in a club in Eldoret and Busia. However, the event organizer failed to honour the contract, retaining 50% of her pay, even after the socialite met all the terms of the agreement.

I remember hosting at this club sometime last year and the owner refused to pay me and ran away. Funny enough, he closed because of lack of customers. Enyewe karma is a bitch. Lesson: Treat everyone equal. This guy right here called me for two events Miss Bum Bum Eldoret and Busia, paid half as agreed then told me he would send the rest. Until today, nothing. He doesn’t pick my calls six months down the line. Nigga, your time is coming. You will come looking for me. Time will tell. Beware of this conman. Your time is coming soon. Utalia hadi ukue black kama makaa.”

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