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Top comedian, Phelix Odiwuor also known as Jalang’o, is set to begin his new job at Royal Media Services.

The comedian, who exited Radio Maisha a fortnight back, will be hosting Hot 96 breakfast show alongside TV guru Jeff Koinange.

When Buzz Central contacted the comedian he had this to say. “All in due time.

According to our source, Jalang’o’s first show will be on May 1.

A day ago, his former colleague Alex Mwakideu, wrote a heartfelt message to the comedian: “Imenichukua wiki nzima kukubali hali halisi kwamba kakangu hakika hayuko nami tena kikazi. Miaka minne Pamoja sio mchezo! Kwakheri ndugu yangu. Kutoka moyoni mwangu, nakutakia kila la heri . Mwenyezi Mungu akuongoze katika njia zako zote daima dawama.

While Jalang’o said,“Best friends best brothers. Amazing Colleagues I would ask for today we part ways as we pursue other dreams all I want to say that it’s been real amazing four years together! Alex Mwakideu you are my bro from another mother I will always love you! Always do your best! Today I say goodbye to a colleague who became a friend and later a brother. It’s been REAL!

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