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Hip hop artiste King Kaka, showed appreciation for her mother on her birthday and in celebration of the milestone the Senzenina singer posted an emotional message on his social media.

So my mom’s birthday is April 26, I asked her how old she was turning , ati 50 something, ati ladies never reveal. Anyway wacha tunacheka hapo, it wasn’t all smiles when we were growing up, that’s Deno with the dark coat second born and that’s Calvo the first born and me the last born.

Today I woke up and remembered an incident, my mom alikuwa anauza fruits Enterprise rd in industrial area and just after high school nilikuwa Naenda kumsaidia, so morning hours as she would go to the market , I would go to open her fruit stand. So a particular Thursday I had college exams in the noon and I had just opened the stand , and minutes before my mom arrived, Kanjo arrested me , and took me to their car.

So mom arrived akaambiwa your son ako kwa gari ya kanjo and she knew my paper was in an hour’s time. She came to the car and told Kanjo waniwachilie wamshike instead since I had a paper. I felt really bad that they would even consider arresting her, it was either they arrested her or I miss the paper. I was willing to miss the paper but not see my mom arrested, a few minutes later I was released but I said I am not going without my mother.

Long story short, My mom made sure we got what we deserved, she is a strong believer in education. She struggled so that we could laugh today and we make sure she laughs daily. The Love is out of this world. Help me wish My Mom, Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth the Legend herself a Happy Birthday.” He said.

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