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Video vixen Vera Sidika took to her Instagram page and narrated how she was abuse by her ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson while in Dubai.

She said that the Nigerian man did not allow her to go anywhere alone and she had to play nice to get home safe. She also confessed at one time Yommy was in jail because of fraud and was released in March 2016 but he promised he had changed something that was not the case.

Sidika also shared a video of the day she was abused.

I could care less about what y’all think but God knows I was patient. The first time he hit me I left Dubai and never set foot since January even after he kept asking me to go. I was scared. Reason I was calm on my messages was coz I was scared of what he’s capable of doing. I have never in my life been in an abusive relationship. This was my first 😔 & u can see my pink bag was packed plus the make-up bag I wanted to leave. But he would never let me leave. It was always a struggle 😔I finally understood how it felt. How these women feel going through this.

Vera and Yommy.

Vera and Yommy.

I swear to my God 🙏🏻 I was never in this relationship for money. He can testify so can his friends. The clothes he refused to give me back were my own clothes I bought he has never bought me clothes to feel has right to keep them. I honestly thought I should give love a second chance and rub of idea of “I don’t wanna get married” that I once had. On a fight he cut my bag handle promised to replace it and he never did. Instead said he’ll throw it in the trash or give his cleaner. This was the reason I never went back to Dubai. I tried to leave for Kenya asap but couldn’t.

He would never let me go anywhere alone and I just had to play nice so I can finally get home safe 😔. My relationship was lied to from start to finish. He confessed he was in Jail just came out in March 2016 and he changed. Doesn’t do fraud anymore etc I tried to believe him coz people do change. He said he had a spa and real estate in Dubai. Whenever I was around never saw him do any funny thing so I believed him. Until i found out later it was a lie 😔 I discovered so much 😔

Watch the video below!

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