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I’m officially a repeat offender when it comes to using the SGR (Standard gauge railway). Why? Only five hours on the road and also your down at the coast by Lunch hour.  And forget your Insta, Snap Chat feed or your overplayed playlist, here conversations are made. People from different walks of life get to interact, talk politics trends or even play cards.

This time our destination was Nyali at the Bahari Beach Hotel.  Considering the hotel was fool it was hard to believe how silent from the reception area, you would think it was empty.  Probably what you need if you want a relaxed vacation some peace and quiet.

Bahari Hotel

Bahari Beach is the go to place for the eco conscious traveler given their efforts to reduce carbon print. One example is that they purify their water such that you can drink it right from the tap.  You are guaranteed no salty taste or funny odour.  You can also decide when you want you want your beddings or towels washed. I for instance remained with the same beddings throughout the whole visit which was four days.

Bahari Hootel Cocktail

So in case you want to get Baharnised; Bahari Beach Hotel is the go to place.  Turn on your holiday mode, switch off your phone, fall asleep on the sun bed, catch up on that novel while you get spoiled for choice with tasty cocktails or whatever your poison. And in case you feel you have overindulge, although some of us never made it you can hit their high tech gym at any time.

Bahari Hotel 1

For the night life, don’t be worried just a few meters from the hotel are two malls City Mall, and Nyali Plaza. My experience was at the City Mall where the famous Anouba Club is located. That was the only club on a Thursday night at that particular mall that was full to capacity, and by full I mean I struggled to find a setting spot for some time. It an awesome club great music, fun crowd only I think they should fire their Shisha guy (it was horrible).  The drinks are also affordable only I just don’t get why you would sell beer at Sh290 why not round it off to the nearest figure.

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