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Africa Nouveau Festival is back for its 2nd edition with a fascinating weekend set up away from Nairobi between November 10-12 at Small World country club Athi River. The festivals theme, Afrobubblegum, showcase that African music, film, fashion and art is fun, fierce and fantastical, created simply for the love of it.

The Festival has enlisted a total of twenty two artistes from seven countries to perform. Among them: EA Wave, Basthma, Tunji, Phy, Tiao, AKA Dope, Njerae, Suraj, Emma Cheruto, Wanja Wahoro, Temi Doll Face, Ayrosh, Steph Kapela, Shukid, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Everyday Afrique with DJ Momaa and DJ Cortega.

Speaking on the choice to showcase Africa’s cool, sub-culture, genre-defying artists, Muthoni asserts, “All of the cool of the world is Africa. We have always been this way, but now the world knows it. Africa Nouveau is the melting pot for all that African creativity and the birthplace for the next globally-resounding work. For one weekend, we are suspending “reality” and immersing ourselves in our a highly imaginative, creative-utopia in the middle of the hills, sky, earth and the savannah plains to connect, re-charge and re-enegrize the continent and world with our creativity and skill.”

Unlike its past edition hosted in Nairobi, this year’s festival will be tucked away from the hustle of the city. The festival’s management picked Athi River. “We want to be among the hills and the sky and the earth. We want to be in our true nature and escape the man-made cities and their mania,” added Muthoni.

Africa Nouveau has partnered with Homeboyz Radio and the British Council’s East Africa Arts.

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