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Happy Eid brothers and sisters. As you celebrate today, Kenyan award-winning rapper has dropped the music video of his song “Young Puffy” off his fourth studio album “Next Year“. He’s been teasing fans about it and today you can watch it on his YouTube channel. If what he shared on Instagram is anything to go by, the song is a celebration of his humble beginnings to where he is now.

Octopizzo shared a throwback photo on Instagram and teased the new song with a caption about how he made his dreams a reality. His sacrifice has truly paid off and he mentions this saying even as he looked up to the likes of Nas and wanting to be like them, it was a lonely space and he needed that in order to grow. The caption read in part..”That feeling you get when you are who you think you are! The type of isolation that comes with that level of artistry is a lonely place and cold…but sometimes you have to sacrifice that for your family to be happy.”



The artwork for “Young Puffy” features Octopizzo against a background of G.O.A.T.s such as Tupac, P.Diddy and Nas. The video is crisp and fresh which sees him in a thick fur coat together with Barak Jacuzzi as flashes of him on stage and in the football pitch show. He also flashes his jewelry and money as he jams to how he’s making it big. He also praises renowned photography Kev Buo in the song and then the video shows an artwork cover of Young Puffy done by Buoart.

Have you checked it out yet? Will you be there before the 1 million views? Octopizzo, who also performed at this year’s first ever TEDx talk at the Kakuma Refugee Camp, is clearly setting his sights high.

Watch Young Puffy below!

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