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The world marks Father’s Day every June 17. Citizen TV news anchor Anne Kiguta honoured her kids father, Jomo Gecaga, on that special day by posting a photo on Instagram. The photo was that of Jomo and their twins whose faces were covered. Her caption read, “Happy Father’s Day” and they went on to exchange pleasantries in the comment section with Jomo responding, “And respect to the mothers who pick up the slack and make fathers lives all the more easier.”

There were also other Kenyan celebrities who shared messages of love to their father figures on social media. DJ Crème de la Crème shared a photo with his son saying, “I enjoy every single minute of being called a father…Happy Fathers’ Day.”  Actor of the popular Kenyan movie Disconnect, Nick Mutuma also shared his love for his daughter with a caption that read, “I love you Dua #FathersDay.”  Radio and television personality Tallia Oyando shared a photo of her grown son with his dad and said, “Superdad.”

Media personality Janet Mbugua shared a photo of her husband with his twin brother, Eddie and Paul Ndichu, their dad together with her older brother Timothy Mbugua saying, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad. #HappyFathersDay to the most incredible dads, mentors, friends, confidants and rocks in my life. To those that have lost their dads, may their spirit be with you always.”

Gospel singer Ruth Matete didn’t forget to talk about her dad who starred in NTV’s Mali with a joy-filled caption that talked of the good times they’ve shared. The caption read, “Daddy, you are amazing. And I will always be your little girl. I knew my birth date when I met you, at seven years old. Because that’s when I celebrated my first birthday. As “mshamba” as I was, not understanding why all my friends were in our house with “biskwits” and “jwis” everywhere, singing for me happy birthday in English. Thank you Daddy.”

Collo was with his daughter on Father’s Day and they seemed to be having fun while the little one enjoyed a drink. He expressed his love for her saying, “I’m greatful to God for this wonderful gift he has given me. I’m happy to be a father, I love being a father, I’m honoured to be a father. Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there. May God continue to bless and guide you.”

May my Shoulders be strong enough to always support you . As you stand on my shoulders May you see far. Sometimes when you feel my knees buckling …it’s not the Holy Spirit but the battles to stand strong for you. The Thorns pricking my feet as I try to stand Firm. When you hear me gasp for breath …it’s because the arrows directed at you are hitting my abdomen as I use my hands to lift you high “Dad why are your hands very hard and rough?” Well Fatherhood requires toil at times to make sure you sleep comfortable …Rough hands are my badge of honor .. May The Good Lord give me Long life to see you become Great in The Land ..Beyond Borders ..And to the Great Woman who gave birth to you .Thank you for raising a great daughter …God bless you . On This Father’s day …I pledge to continue doing Fatherhood as the Almighty Graces me,” said actor and pastor Robert Burale.

Size 8, who turned away from secular music a few years ago and got married to DJ Mo with whom they have a daughter, shared a video of her family and the caption was just as bubbly as Size 8 is, “Happy father’s day to baba Wambo. God bless you for the love you give Ladashabelle. There is no doubt you love this girl soooooooooo much and I love how you go out of your way to spend time with her to play with her to teach her stuff…. you work so hard to give her the best life…… Ladashabelle my little beauty you are blessed to have such a dad. Hata sijui ule atakuoa ata weza aje kuconvince your father…ataona moto.”

Tedd Josiah’s message was probably the most touching seeing as he is a single father. He shared a snapshot of the story featured on Daily Nation’s Life and Style magazine calling himself the man mom and saying, “It takes a REALLY SPECIAL woman to allow a man access to her womb, Her soul and her heart without condition. Only a woman can make a man a father. That is the power and strength of a woman. I celebrate you Reginah Katar for making me a good man by loving me unconditionally, showing me the error of my punkish ways and leaving me with a part of you. My only wish today…….. I cannot have is for you to make some of those samosas, the ones that would crumble before it gets to the plat, or the cake that would flop cause we opened the oven too soon and we’d laugh about it as u wish me happy Father’s Day. Watch over your little cub ps/ she’s become a little more famous than us. Her Royal Highness.”

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