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Celebrated comedian Jalang’o took to social media to express his disappointments with Kenyans. He was talking about event attendees who don’t want to pay for events.

Complimentary tickets is the biggest headache event organizers go through and why it is also impossible to have major events in Kenya,” his post read.

His experience as an event organizer lead him to talk about the process of putting one together. He talked about how he gets sponsored, hiring the venue, agreements with what to pay international artists and the huge challenge of friends and family.

Calls from friends, family, workmates and everyone who think they know you. They are not calling to buy tickets to help you pay your team, crew, your bills but they are calling to ask you for complimentary tickets. Free admission…” he states in the post.

He added that close people around him not only ask for free tickets but free VVIP tickets. Jalang’o went on to point out the need to support each by buying tickets and paying the full amount as opposed to expecting free handouts.

My fello Kenyans, friends, family let’s just learn how to support each other. This is where we go wrong. If you are my friend and love what I do you will buy a ticket,” he reiterated.

The Milele FM presenter then went to discourage anyone who will come to him for free tickets for last weekend events Terminal Music Weekend Concert that saw Keri Hilson and Big Shaq perform in the country.

I don’t have Terminal weekend tickets! Neither do I have Fally Ipupa tickets. I also don’t have Chrome Party free tickets,” he said.

The comedian then slammed free admission attendees writing, “If you are going to these events on free tickets yet you know you can pay and support the event organizers, shame!”

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