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Singer and MC Size 8 who’s now referred to as Size 8 Reborn took to Instagram to celebrate her five years in marriage to NTV’s DJ Mo.

Wow what can I say to you Father Lord but publicly praise you, thank you, glorify your holy name for such blessings in my life. I’m celebrating 5 years of marriage just because of you. It is not the work of the flesh but by your excess love through your son Jesus Christ and your mighty power I’ve such amazing memories.”

She added that she has the best husband saying, “Thank you for blessing me with the best husband heaven can produce for me, DJ Mo.”

Size 8, who’s a mom to Ladasha Belle, also took the opportunity to highlight that she prays her marriage will be an instrument of hope to others saying, “May our marriage be your instrument to encourage others who have lost hope in marriage that you are still able to perform miracles and that they should believe against all that you can rescue their marriages.”

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