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Days after announcing her second pregnancy on social media, gospel singer Size 8 exclusively spoke to Buzz Central about the challenges of her pregnancy. “When I was pregnant with my firstborn I had a lot of challenges on my first trimester but towards third trimester my condition was manageable.

When I got pregnant again I was excited but I miscarriage, it was traumatizing. After undergoing the cleaning procedure I got an infection and I went back to the hospital, I was told it was not cleaned well so they took me back to theatre and repeat the procedure,”

Getting pregnant for the third time came as a surprise to her, “After my miscarriage I did not plan to get pregnant again but glory is to God, I was pregnant! It was a surprise to the whole family,” she said.

Size 8 who is currently on bed rest says the main reason for sharing her story is to encourage other women who are going through the same situation like her, “I did not post the picture on social media to brag or clout chase.

I want to use my platforms positively and encourage women going through the same challenges as me to stay strong.

I would also want to tell husbands to support their wives. The journey this far has not been easy, it was full of hurdles but his grace has been our strength!

Close family and friends know the complications that I’ve gone through while carrying this baby yani this is a miracle!” she added.

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