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Radio personality Alex Mwakideu says his 40th birthday will not be extravagant.

In an interview with Mwakideu said the poster that went viral online was his friends having fun, “I’m a very quiet person with crazy friends all over and I love them that way. But wangetengeneza a better poster woiyee than the one doing rounds!

I’m sure when you check all my social media pages, I didn’t post a thing! It’s just friends having fun online! I’m wondering why no one is asking why I haven’t posted that shoddy poster.”

He also said his birthday plans is to enjoy it with his family while reflecting on life, “I’m not big on birthday parties and stuff I love my quiet life. I’ll be around with my family, maybe we will go to the Mara, Amboseli and just reflect on God’s blessings!

He has been good to me. Hakuna party yoyote! Unless you see me posting about it,” he added.

On Monday his colleague Jalang’o shared the viral poster on his Instagram page and on the poster his 40 friends where to pay a cover charge of Sh40,000 in order to attend the event.

On Wednesday he posted again stating the birthday party was sold out, “Do not even bother if you wanted to pay! Sold out! The 40 Guests have already paid the 40k! waaa @alex_mwakideu This is going to be the real 40Years! Happy Birthday Boss!! Sold out!” said Jalang’o.

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