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With less than 10 days to the closing of entry for the 2017 edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), Kenyan filmmakers, actors and technicians in the film industry are being urged to submit their entries.

At the fifth edition of the AMVCAs, a number of awards in different categories will be presented ranging from acting and directing to scriptwriting and cinematography. Other categories will include editing, soundtrack, make-up, sound, and lighting amongst others. For 2017 there are 27 categories in all, with 16 open to viewers and 11 decided by the AMVCA panel of judges.

MultiChoice East Africa Regional Director Stephen Isaboke said, “As MultiChoice we continue to support the local film and television industry beyond just offering a platform for the broadcast of these productions. These awards are also an opportunity for some of the best film makers to be recognized and awarded for their exemplary work in the industry as the African film and television industry continues to show tremendous growth. I would encourage all film and television producers to put in their entries this year.

Films, made-for-television movies or television series previously entered into or nominated for an award, or awarded a prize in another film and television competition are eligible to be entered for the 2017 AMVCAs, and all films, made-for-television movies or television series are eligible for entry to the AMVCA if they are broadcast or publicly screened during the period of October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.

The prestigious awards honors film and TV talent across the continent was created to celebrate the contribution of African in the success of the continent’s film and television industry and with the success of the previous four editions, preparations are in top gear for the 2017 edition.

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