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Princess Julie’s son Makajully has written an open letter to controversial singer Akothee. His intentions are to reveal what transpired between his mother and the Benefactor singer.

In a three part letter Makajully explains the issues started when Akothee used her mother’s lyrics and refused to acknowledge her;

Music has different perspectives and it takes chemistry to work on any collabo so the two luo queens get bonding. Later we would discuss royalties distributions and all so Akothee offered to sponsor the whole project which was generous of her. Later on after the agreement Akothee insists to celebrate and princess as you recall is now a Christian and was not comfortable with being out at a club so she says it’s not good for her faith and didn’t want to go clubbing. So the following day we leave for Migori where Jully has a home contrary to what Akothee says she paid her rent, knowing in mind that we will get together to work on the project as discussed.”

After a year a friend calls me like the collabo between your mum and Akothee is out check it out and I get to listen to the song only to hear the contents of that song are projects previously done by the production house and Princess Jully, so I ask why did this happen I thought this wasn’t finalized,” 

Akothee if you are going to use someone’s content you ought to get consent not necessarily pay for it any established sensible artist will tell you this. I still say it’s wrong you are not the first to use Princess Jully’s music neither will you be the last Jully made music timeless music and is a pillar in this music industry as a whole and deserves respect be she broke or rich. Her contributions to humanity are uncountable today all you people who are loud disrespecting her here can live with HIV/Aids because she was bold enough to point it out when just the name HIV was a taboo. So if she is not rich today she invested in people the young kids who are able to still dream despite being positive that’s her efforts. So I leave you with this like NAS sings I heard you went platinum that’s nice now let’s see you do the same thing twice. And mama did 30 albums u need another hit just steal again.

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