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Hapo Vipi a Kenyan political movement that seeks to change not just the political rhetoric in the country, but also create a sense of ownership and responsibility that every Kenyan should embrace in order to achieve economical, social and political change.

Founded by Steve Mwangi he says the idea to start the Hapo Vipi was fuelled by the community he comes from. Born in Kiambu and raised in Kawangware where he still lives, he considers a privilege to live amongst a people so humble and hard working. His dream is of a nation that recognizes hard work and makes it possible for every Kenyan to have a decent life.

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The movement calls for the participation of every Kenyan Citizen in order to bring about the desired change we desperately seek especially when it comes to governance; that has a spillover effect on the social and economic growth.

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Hapo Vipi

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