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It all started with a simple Instagram post by Diana when she posted a photo of Bahati as her Man Crush Monday and captioned it with a lovely message, “Sometimes I lack words to tell you. I could give you a thousand reasons why but only God knows. Only He knows how much of a hard worker you are, I’ve been here… seen it all but you are a true definition of Favored and Blessed. I’ve seen God do amazing things in your life and each day, it gets Bigger and crazier. I am soo proud of you and I always thank God for you. #MCM 

Well, the singer was so touched that he replied, “Hehee umefanya Ghetto- Boy aka Blush🙈 Kitu ya Kwanza nakupendea Nijuu unajua Kunipikia Ile “Chapo Dondo” vile Naipendaga. Above all your love and prayers are a great pillar in my Music Ministry- live long my queen 💏

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