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Drama between rapper Prezzo and ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola continues, as she took to Instagram and stated the rapper is a threat to her safety and also want to release their explicit pictures and videos, “If anything happens to me just know it’s Prezzo who’s behind it from threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that he even took my phone because I told him our relationship won’t work! I left with nothing that has his name on it and we’ve been separated for months now so please leave me alone and move on! I have moved on with my life kindly do the same. I suggest you get to a wellness center and get help! You pushed me to the edge and if you don’t stop I’m gonna go ahead and take legal actions because I’m scared of my safety! I got receipts so don’t try me!

She also said, “Don’t let that smile fool you coz I have phone recordings and messages to prove every single word you said to me! I have been quiet for so long and if I start to talk Lord knows! I hate it that I’m even addressing you but enough is enough! You have blogs on speed dial cooking your stories and even telling me “I’m nothing without you and you’ll make my life miserable coz you own this city” you remember that text right plus many others? I can go on the whole night posting recordings and messages of you begging to get back together kisha when I refused you started with the threats. I’m so over your dramatic life and threats coz I’m not playing to your tune anymore! Let’s meet in court Sir since you also own the government Mr “president!

However Prezzo also took to Instagram and stated that he does not pose any threat to Michelle, “It is quite a sad thing to see an individual tell lies to have power over the masses so that she can control circumstances and dictate events. To brainwash the masses with your selfish agenda by feeding them lies and harnessing the outcome for yourself is a mean thing to do. ‎Misinforming the masses to believe in ur mythical notions that are conveniently and selfishly crafted in your own imagination might give you temporary comfort…. but genuine permanent inner peace and happiness only stems from knowing that the truth is factual, pure and uncompromised. Instead of going to vote so we can bring change in this beautiful nation, someone is out there talking gibberish.”

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