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Kenyan model Nyokabi Munyaka has emerged second at the Miss Nations world pageant held at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nyakabi beat 40 other contestants from around the world.  She is a student at Highline College in Washington, currently pursuing her degree in Business.

In September of last year she was crowned the First Princess of Washington and she used the platform to address issues of domestic violence having experienced it, “I was 14 years old when my mum was batted all night almost to death that’s when she finally took the bold step and left my father,” she said.

Nyokabi is also set to release her domestic abuse documentary, “The pageant is a cultural and humanitarian platform pageant and my cause is to empower women who have gone through domestic abuse as well as children. I will be holding a statewide conference called women for change under my foundation, Waceke foundation. I am also working on my Kenyan documentary on domestic abuse that will be out in six month,” she added.

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