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Actress and film director Lizz Njagah has opened up about her weight loss journey, the House of Lungula actress took to social media and shared tips of how she shed off the baby weight.

Pregnancy really does a number on the body but it’s all worth it. My body gave me my little angel, for people asking how I did it, determination, doing a little exercise every day. Changing it up every so often and watching what I eat. Low Slow Carb Diet is the life! Auma my trainer also beat me into shape. I had to check in with her every week tracking my progress,” said Lizz.

She gained 30kgs during pregnancy and she has so far lost 27kgs and still working out to lose the three remaining.

Lizz Njaga before and after weight loss

Her advice to new mothers who are starting their weight loss journey is to take their time, “Don’t be in a hurry, and enjoy your time with your baby. I started working out when my baby was 14 months old. I started small just by walking for an hour three days a week, if you really feel you need to start earlier, start by walking once you are cleared by your doctor.

Lizz and husband Alex Konstantaras welcomed their first child Georgios Apolo in February last year.

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