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Daddy Owen is paying tribute to his beloved father, Mwatia.

The gospel singer took to Instagram on Thursday, sharing a photo in honor of the late dad who passed away on October 7 and was buried on October 14 in Kakamega.

Dad I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I will forever miss u. I miss your jokes already, your advice. Many call me “Daddy” because it’s a stage name but to u that’s what u called me when I was a baby and that’s the name u used always. My passion for music and football was influenced by u dad,” wrote Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen's dad Mwatia.

Daddy Owen’s dad Mwatia.

The singer also added, “There is so much I wanted to achieve in life just to show u that I learnt from the best and just to make u proud as your son. There is more that I want to say but I am too emotional to write. I promise u I will do my best in life to make the name Mwatia a great name! I miss u “Fathe”. Lala salama mzee Mwatia.”

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