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Bold, with a penchant for drama and rough around the edges. That is what most of us new socialite Bridget Achieng for. Is it safe to say Nairobi Diaries catapulted her into fame and stardom? Yes. Her antics on the show really had us hooked. Recently, she’s been changing her public image and she seems to be ‘cleaning up’.

Her time in Nairobi Diaires ensured she was the talk of the town. She had hinted that she was dating the ‘Prime Minister’s son’, who was Ghanaian and said that she used to get a huge monthly allowance from him. Even though she has never come out to say her bae’s name, the time she lavished him with shoes worth Sh82,000 was the height of their ‘love’ it seemed. But I mean one good deed deserves another right?

She has only been growing ‘brighter’ and ‘brighter’ all thanks to her bleaching which she supposedly spent Sh3 million on. However, after her shock exit on Nairobi Diaries, many of us were left wondering what’s next for her. A career as a Kenyan socialite is very fickle and it seems she’s planning on a safe exit.

She started a foundation to help the needy that goes by the name Bridget’s World Foundation. If that wasn’t already good enough, she is now setting her sights on an acting career. She is currently filming a movie in Ghana,Family Affairs’, and she seems excited to be part of the cast.

Philanthropy? Check. Legit acting career? Check. No more ridiculous drama? Check. Does it get any better than this? From being accused of ‘eating Vera Sidika’s leftovers’ to seemingly creating a new life for herself, she is moving up the world. Enter the classier, more mature Bridget.

But who knows, it might all be a ploy for attention and she might come back more ratchet than ever.


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