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Popular celebrity publicist Anyiko Owoko celebrated her birthday on Tuesday this week. The day coincided with Beyoncé’s birthday.

Anyiko also revealed that her late dad was born on the same date. She took to social media saying, “It’s my birthday again. September 4th means so much to me. Today my late dad was also born so I celebrate his life and mine.”

My surprise birthday celebration last year was so sweet and super nice that until today I’ve been recovering.”

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She shared photos of her previous birthday party mentioning the people in her life who make it worthwhile, “Here are some of the people I love the most. Thank you Brian Babu, Pollyne Owoko, Jackline Owoko, Kelvin, Chimano and Scotty for making me feel special. Still feeling the magic.”

As I grow a year older today, one of my biggest life lessons is self acceptance. Accepted that i got my shine and I was born to shine that light. I am embracing my faults and imperfections. I am capable. I am enough. I am free to take my own path. Loving myself more and being a little more lenient with myself. It’s ok to be this different. Thank you all for being part of my life and journey.”

She concluded the caption with “I am just thankful and happy. Period.”  She had a few drinks with the likes of Chimano of Sauti Sol later that night.

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