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Bollywood singer Pratibha Singh Baghel came to Kenya for a concert, but took time to visit the exotic and beautiful wildlife. The singer visited the Masai Mara which she to Buzz Central it was a rare experience, “Wildlife is a rare experience so we visited the Masai Mara to see its exotic beauty.”

Pratibha also confessed she likes Kenyan-Canadian singer Nuela Charles, “I have heard “Nuela Charles” quite a few times and I love the way she renders the songs. I find her music very soulful. From her collection I like to listen to “unfortunate love” and “crumbling down”.

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The classical musician told BC the main reason why she stuck to genre is because of her passion for classical music, “Art and music is not about money! Money is superficial. Just focus on good music and money follows. Whatever you do as in whatever kind of music, whether pop, classical, fusion it should be done from the soul.  I love all the types of music, it’s so vast and beautiful that I can’t stick to one but yes my favourite genre in music is definitely semi classical & Ghazals.”

Pratibha was the top finalist of Saregama Challenge 2009 and the winner of Shankar Mahadevan Gharana.

She has also won Lata Mangeshkar Alankaran Award in 2008. She has also received National Classical Vocal award.


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