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It all started with a simple tweet by NRG Radio when DJ Pinye said, “There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days including @KHALIGRAPH and DNA but their career has grown. I cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position. Djs shouldn’t play mediocre music.”

Well rapper DNA did not take the matter lightly and he decided to address it through a series of posts, @dna_misterdreams: Mungu nisaidie, this guy…..@djpinye, so, according to you, me, @khaligraph_jones and Ethic are mediocre artists. Wah. Boss, you are 48. Do you know at your age, that you can be Lamba Lolo’s father-damn, even Khali’s father, but instead of encouraging them, you are trying to break them down?

Hawa wasee wa Lamba Lolo ni wasee wa mtaa vi serious-would you prefer that they were robbing supermakets and getting killed by cops than doing music? Uko serious, ata kidogo? My song that you refused to play- Banjuka- is Kenya’s biggest pop hit EVER, period. A few months after you turned me down, me and my guys walked into Ogilvy and licensed the song for 100,000$. Yes. A hundred thousand dollars. For a “mediocre” song. And that was just the first deal.

On God. I am so happy that you turned me down, because I was forced to learn marketing and went on to have many, many hits. Without YOU. I have never been played on the Beat, and my “mediocre” music is being played ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I have been ALL OVER THE WORLD because of my “mediocre” songs. Pinye, I have played concerts in more parts of the world than YOU. Let’s count if you want. And I have another “mediocre” song about to come out that will rule the airwaves, kama ilivyo kawaida yangu. Without YOU.

DJ Pinye.

DJ Pinye.

I also do many things in the game, but mi hucheza chini because I prefer money to fame, unlike you, uko story kama mwanamke, G up for goodness sake. Khali ameshinda AFRIMMA juzi, best African rapper, and you can even mention him? Why are you so bitter and entitled? I feel sorry for you, because uko na roho mbaya, and your imaginations that you are the industry father are just that-imaginations.

I am not afraid of you, and I will not let you get away with this nonsense. Wacha picha ichomeke, umezidi. Pinye, my business puts MILLIONS in the hands of comedians, musicians, MC’s & trainers-both Kenyan and foreign – watu wako biz. What have YOU done? DREAMS 2 BEATS WILL FAIL MISERABLY,I have a million shillings to bet on that.

Match my bet. And now, because of social, you have no ability to give young artists stress. So, go home, sit down, think about your life. You are lucky that I have kids now,if I didn’t have future legacy to protect, ungekula moto kama acrobat

@dna_misterdreams: I’m not letting this go. Buda @djpinye umezoea vibaya. Call your friends early.Utakuwa unaniskia unatetemeka. When I am 48, the young guys will salute me for standing up FOR THE TRUTH. I am standing up for all the youngins whose dreams you shattered by telling them their songs were trash, while you were at Nation.

You have been trashing people’s efforts and dreams for too long. How comes when I meet you at Nakumatt Junction, you smile and duck me, yet you are so tough on the radio and internet streets? Wewe,siku yako imefika.I made it without the Beat, and we were some broke kids from Ngong. Do yo think utawezana na mimi saa hii? You ready?My name is worth its weight in gold, utajua kuniongea si mchezo. Lets go.” He posted.


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