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24 year old Kenyan YouTuber and Beauty Guru, Joanna Kinuthia launches her cosmetics company Joanna K Cosmetics, with her first beauty line the Aspire collection which consists of four matte liquid lipsticks and a gorgeous eye shadow palette with 10 beautiful shades for the African woman.

Joanna quit her full time job and became a full time digital content creator. She has collaborated with some of the most coveted brands in the beauty world. Starting her own make up line was her dream come true and the idea came to her during her lowest phase in life in early 2018.

Joanna K Cosmetics

On this new phase of her entrepreneurial journey she would like to inspire everyone to push their boundaries and limits.

Being a beauty YouTuber, make up  to me is a boost of confidence, I have interacted with so many beauty brands and one thing that I saw was that the African woman is not represented and sometimes they are after thought. My Aspire collection is made for the African goddess and I want everyone who uses any of my products to feel and see that. Also the gorgeous artwork for the palette is just African. I see myself and so should all the women out there. ” said Joanna.


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