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TV producer Milly Chebby  and comedian husband Terence Creative were expecting their first child but when she started spotting, she went to the hospital and she was told her baby had no heartbeat, “I was spotting on and off at week seven of my pregnancy I went to the hospital the doctor did ultra sound and there was heartbeat. At week 13 I spotted again, my hubby was so sad, that morning he was living for a meeting and he dropped us at the hospital.

The doctor did another ultra sound and I was told there was no heartbeat apparently the baby died at week 7, three days after I left hospital.

I screamed in the room and cried nonstop that day, I have never cried that much in my life. My sister called my husband, he was silent for a minute then told my sister ok and he came back to the hospital only to find me in devastating state.

 I was told an evacuation had to be done immediately but I wasn’t ready I was still in denial I left hospital went home and after a lot of convincing from my mum and husband I accepted to go for evacuation.” She said.

However Chebby was able to get over the miscarriage because of her amazing support system, “I had amazing support system from my family, my mum was always at my house, my small sister never left my bedroom because I could not do anything, my church pastor, my ministry ushering team at House of Grace.

My friends also paid for my counseling sessions, she visited me twice and could not believe the jovial me that wasn’t there a week ago. My hubby never left my sight,” she added.

Her advice to people who are currently in the same situation is, “It is never easy but whatever will make it easier do it, cry if that will make you feel better, sleep if it will make you feel better.

Above all have people around you and let your spouse know that you need them most and also speak out it lightens the heart,” Chebby concluded.


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