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I am not a make-up person and it is something I have always been proud of. And when I clocked 30 years, my close friends and family were quick to comment of how life has now changed.  It was about time I got serious with taking care of my skin.   Clinique Kenya came through with beauty essentials and I have tried to keep up with an everyday beauty regime.

Having used all of them for a period of three months I ended up with five must have Clinique items for easy going girls who don’t like applying too much make up.

Clinique 4

Chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm

I call it the magic lip wonder; the chubby stick gives you the illusion of lipstick, but with a lip gloss glow. It is not heavy and it does not crack when you have your tea or coffee the lip colour still remains consistent. It needs less touch ups throughout the day, if you are on a budget this is the best lip gloss you can get three months in and the stick is still going strong. The twist techniques is genius, twist the metal bit at the end and you push up the balm and twist it goes back, no spills in your purse, I’m obsessed with this balm.


Take the day of make-up remover

You do not have to spend much on useless baby wipes and make up sponges when you have Clinique make-up remover, as easy as one wipe your make-up is out. What you need is a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool and several drops of the product; the make-up comes out easily, no need to damage your skin trying to remove layers of make-up after a hard night of partying. Quick removal and it leaves your skin glowing, which you can easily go to bed and deal with the rest of skin issues the next day.

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Super city block oil-free daily face protector SPF 40

I never knew how important it is to use a sun screen, ‘I’m black I don’t need sun screen, and black don’t crack right?’ this lie I keep on telling myself. The first month I probably used it two times, then the frequency picked up once a week and now I used it eight times in a month. Still figuring the SPF 40 but I love the lightness of the product and how it blends well with my skin. I don’t have the whitish finish that most sun screen have so far can’t complain.

Clinique 3

Pop matte lip colour plus primer

I had given up on the matte lip sticks because of two things, the dryness after the application was killing me and my lips cracking with small particles of the lipstick coming out in every glass I use plus my friends keep on telling me how I need to re apply and wipe of the strange looking lip particles. I stuck to my simple gloss but the Clinique matte has made me enjoy matte lipsticks. It is wonderful it has that silky, soft, smooth, perfect matte finish without dryness. Avoid cheap matte and spend a little bit more on something that gives you lovely kissable lips.

Clinique 1

Full coverage foundation

I have always had issues with foundation either they give me a shade lighter and my face ends up not matching my neck or a shade darker and it ends up looking weird. To avoid all the drama, my pal told me to go and test different foundations at the Clinique store to figure out the right shade. True to her word 23 ginger is my colour and every time I wear the foundation I never get that comment of “love your make up”. Everyone is obsessed with the smoothness of my skin, I look natural, the foundation is not heavy so everyone assumes is my skin, my skin also is even.

Give it a try and let me know your experience.


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